[Latte] Announcing Blatte

Bob Glickstein Bob Glickstein <bobg@zanshin.com>
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 22:52:41 -0800

Lyn A Headley writes:
> Perl more widely known than C++?  Interesting claim...

I don't have any statistics handy, but I'm quite sure it must be true.

> Is the Blatte language backwards compatible with Latte?

Sadly no.  Among other things, the syntax of identifiers in Blatte is
less permissive in Latte, in order to maintain a correspondence with
Perl identifiers.  But Blatte and Latte are close enough that it
should be possible to write an automated converter.  I'll either do
that soon or write up some documentation about how to convert Latte to
Blatte manually.

- Bob