[Latte] Announcing Blatte

Bob Glickstein Bob Glickstein <bobg@zanshin.com>
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 20:36:33 -0800

Announcing Blatte, the *Better* Language for Transforming Text.

Blatte is a lot like Latte, but with some important differences.

First, it's written in Perl instead of C++.  This makes it more
portable than Latte.  Blatte runs on all platforms where Perl runs.
(But you do need Perl installed in order to use Blatte.)

Second, Blatte language expressions are converted by the Blatte
interpreter into Perl expressions, and it's Perl itself that then
executes them.  A Blatte variable is simply a Perl variable.  A Blatte
string is simply a Perl string.  A Blatte list is simply a Perl array.
A Blatte function is simply a Perl subroutine.  Because of the close
correspondence between Blatte and Perl, each language can call the
other.  Also, whereas Latte's runtime facilities were limited to its
built-in functions, Blatte's are effectively unlimited since it can
access Perl's dizzying universe of extension modules.

Third, the implementation of Blatte is smaller, simpler, and written
in a more widely known language than that of Latte.  This makes Blatte
more maintainable and more extensible.

Fourth, when using Blatte to generate HTML, the automated facilities
(HTML entity encoding and <p>-tag insertion) are considerably smarter,
thanks to Blatte's ability to exploit standard Perl extensions.

Finally, Blatte is licensed under the widely known GNU General Public

Blatte can be found on CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network,
and via the Blatte website: <http://www.blatte.org/>.  I hope to
address all of Latte's shortcomings with Blatte; please join me on the
mailing list to discuss Blatte's possibilities.

- Bob